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July 2010. Just came back from my trip to Tahiti to see the TSE 2010.

August 2010. In the section of trips you can now find my complete report of the trip to the French Polynesia for the TSE 2010

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ill titleWelcome !

Since some years ago, I have traveled to some countries in order to see Solar Eclipses. I must say that this has been also a  great chance to get to know places where I never thought in my life I would travel to.

Within my website you will find information about the trips I have made, as well as information regarding the pictures I have taken of eclipses. You will also find some videos I have taken of Solar Eclipses.


ill titleAbout me

When I was a kid, my dad showed me his telescope and encouraged me to look through it. Years later, I remember he always purchased a book from a university in Mexico (UNAM) containing information about the major astronomical events to happen during that specific year. I always looked for the eclipses, and I remember my disappointment when I saw that eclipses were happening almost every year, but in many places around the world and not in Mexico. 

In year 1991, I saw the great Total Solar Eclipse in Mexico City, and that was a great experience for me. ill_2

Many years later I decided to travel to see Solar Eclipses. I did a search in the Internet for Solar Eclipse Tours, and bingo! My first trip was to Iceland, and that was just great. Ever since, I try to travel once a year to see one Eclipse. 

Many areas of my web site are still under construction. I will try to update them shortly.

Thanks for visiting!